The Extraterrestrials and the Cleanup of the Astral of the Earth


Dear Brothers,

May God Peace involve all of us.

In these "end of times", the most important tasks that exists are the ones regarding the re-establishment of the Peace and planetarium Harmony.

They are arduous tasks that can basically be divided into two parts. One of them is the human beings redemption to the side of Christ. The other is the restoration of the astral integrity of the planet.

These tasks, if seen by the side of the "doing alone", are impossible. Because of this the union is necessary. The tasks are distributed and the Love performs the miracle.

We receive the invaluable help of the Extraterrestrial Brothers in the re-establishment of the balance of the original planetariums forces. It is essential the astral and vibratory cleanup of the planet. At the other part, is the one that is linked with the deal with the human beings, our brothers; this task is ours. These beings, incarnated or not, are under our responsibility.

For the beings of the physical plan (alive) the messages have been very clear. Many are alienated, but the choice of each one is personal, because their heartfelt are unblocked for the "signals of the times".

Regarding the not incarnated ones in painful situation, they are hypnotized in a semi-death apprenticeship (without apparent life). These need to be awakened, they need our help. There is place to all. The Father would never allow the lack of shelter for his children. Therefore, our task is to gather all that are lost and abandoned, that lives in the spiritual world and bring them to the "guard of the light". This is our task. It’s this, what must guide our work, what should be our constant preoccupation. Each spiritual being that enters this house has more than 90% of chance of being protected and renewed. They are helped and brought to here, according to their wishes of profound life change, of spiritual renewal, which we hear even when they are not heard by anyone.

Trust the work of assistance to the lost in the ways of life, devote to them love because this is Christ's Wish.


Akenaton, in 18/11/96
GER, Vitória (Es), Brazil

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