Hard Work


We bring necessary information to the development of your work.

It is necessary that all Beings involved in Christ's Work and in redemption of this Planet be aware of events occurred in the occult and inferior side of the people of surface.

There are some beings called Reptilians coming from other worlds where had fallen for several times. They had countless opportunities of work and evolution but, unhappily, did not yet reached a minimum of moral elevation.

Those beings that take advantage to absorb the energy from decadent remained civilizations and dominate this Planet. They are good at advanced technology, cybernetics, atomic energy and genetic mutation.

They know the Natural Science very well and are able to move forward technologically in short time, bringing several news to fascinate the most incautious beings that only want technical and material evolution, but they have not yet moral evolution enough to give up the immoderate ambition and search for power.

They found in the humanity of surface, several open wounds through which penetrated like worms and have been taking care of several sections that dominate this Planet. Since some time ago, there are several agreements with several powerful Nations on Earth. They try unceasingly to subdue the Planet through war, political and financial power.

From certain moment, those beings have advanced too much in the field of genetics and atomic energy. Men of surface, leaders of several are associated and submitted to the negative beings just seeking power and domain. Nevertheless, time has come to interrupt quickly this performance due to general evil advancing that you can at least imagine.

There were creations of true monsters, beings devoid of superior evolution and spiritual life. There was also the creation of dematerializing machines so powerful able to destroy the Planet Earth and the entire Solar system.

The Great Universal White Fraternity – GUWF has imposed limit, which must be respected, at all costs. There is a deep and serious work in that sense. GUWF asks their servants, detachment, deep moral evolution and total integration to the work, so that those negative beings do not reach you. Moreover, you must vibrate in a strip that can be used during the sleep for works and fights.

Brothers, be aware of the seriousness of that work. As you know, in general, the world is not interested on superior spiritual work. Men taken by the illusory materialism, they are blind longing for material wealth. The awakening of those souls is arduous work. We need your dedication and constant commitment in the sense of development as embodied spirits and then facilitate the arrival of the spiritual energies through you.

Have faith and trust. Time has come to surrender seriously to the work.

Who speaks to you through projection is your brother Setum Shenar. Any question?

Margarida: Are there other groups of negative beings acting?

Setum Shenar: Yes, there are several groups acting. This one specifically mentioned has direct influence on your science and technology. However, there countless beings and followers working and longing for absorbing energy, even from decadent people.

Bear in mind, the decadence of this people of surface is as wound attracting countless insects that want to sip remains of this lamentable wound. Therefore, there is not other way than intense suffering to begin the redemption. You are trained intensely for attitudes to be taken from now on.

Brothers, you must remain attentive and vigilant. The Planet Earth lacks of Superior Energies, which makes difficult the arrival of superior energies to this Planet. It demands us huge effort to communicate and bring information. Meetings of groups are necessary so that messages can be emitted. Everything is done in the Superior Sphere to maintain united Spiritualist Groups, but it demands larger individual effort.

May the Light be with you, and faith and perseverance does not lack you! Brothers, we beg you to give a step towards the High so that the Superior Energies walk miles and miles towards you. Be ready, because your humanity needs you.

If you could glimpse the planetary situation, nothing else would matter, except the Spiritual Path.

Shenar Commander, vice commander of the Great Ser Ashtar Sheram.

GESH = GER – 12/27/98 – Xique-Xique of Igatu, Chapada Diamantina/GO – Brazil.

Note: you can also read this message through Divulgation 22, and the Booklets: Commander Setum Shenar, The Beast and Reptilians edited by GESH = GER - Vitoria.

We published it again for our readers who visit us on line.

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