We rescued you from darkness


Clairvoyance: I saw Mrs. Margarida in a living room like an Indian atmosphere, with curtains of light fabrics and satin pillows.

She talked with Master Ramatis, who dressed an Indochinese costume, described by Hercílio Mães.

I caught part of the following dialogue:

In my name, you must go down on Earth to gather around you, my disciples dispersed.

Each one has a difficult trail to travel in the crucible transformer, before reach the regeneration. Your presence encouraging, explaining and helping in their afflictions, aided by the Divine Leader and us may give them ideal conditions to flourish in each heart, seeds of courage, faith and transformation.

Many will not maintain under our loving custody, because for long time, we have tried to touch their hearts; but, for rebellion, fear or laziness, they will give up. You do not blame yourselves; therefore, each creature has his/her own rhythm. Father’s Laws will reach and them again on the right path, which insistently, they abandon.

You will face cruel enemies, given that, you were feared "general of darkness"; and, those that you commanded in the cruel wars against human brothers, full of hate and revenge desire they want reach you. See them as patients in need of bitter medicine, offered by Divine Providence to stanch them the evil gushing from their hearts.

The sword of Light that will lift up, in the name of the Supreme Truth means ascension for you, and for the enemies, powerful medicine to heal forever their deformed souls, stanching their fall in the vilest abnormality condition.

We remain with you and many others treading the return road to the Father's House with you.

We assure you, protection and orientation, love and supporting energy and you should make an effort for self-renewal and perseverance on the work.

The "work" means for you to be free from rude ways and Worlds of Atonement. By other hand, means "obedience" to God’s Laws of God, as best privilege.

We rescued you from darkness and through tortuous trails; we led you to victorious ascension in the Planes of Light.

Yours Master,


Mrs. Margarida kneels down and says:

Master, I offer myself sincerely to the redeeming program that you instituted for me and I beg you to strengthen me every day, so that I do not fail.

I undergo the Laws of Rectification to free me.

Thank you Master Ramatis!

Thank you, Lord Jesus!

Margarida, GESH – 12/04/10 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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