Fraternal work


Brothers, let us join on behalf of Jesus.

Every time, to each collective death unchained in the physical plan, we can see how fragile man is emotionally speaking, and from debris comes the power of love and solidarity referred to "love your neighbor as yourself".

In any catastrophe, there is neither innocent nor unjust by the Divine Providence. There is, yes, men, women and children who have committed strongly with the Karmic Law, when were still inferior spirits that practiced genocides and massacred brothers at some time of life. Time has come for hard crop and cleaning the Earth at "end of time."

Although is painful pictures seen, there is union of forces among the Rescue Parties composed by the Intraterrestrials, Extraterrestrials and Terrestrials of the "Colonia Servos Jesus", and other embodied spirits that willingly offer themselves to rescue those brothers victimized in those episodes.

Brothers, if you cannot offer any help in the physical plane, at night, while sleeping, your spirits can cooperate with workers of the spiritual plane, because there is a lot of work waiting for fraternal hands to help those who die still ignoring life after death.

We that compose the "Mary’s Caravan" is here to ask you: help other brothers; not forgetting that among them can be your parents, brothers of children of past lives.

Be hardworking brothers, because the fraternal work waits for Servants of Jesus.

May the Light be with you!

Enoch, Mary’s Caravan - GESJ – 01/18/11 - Public Meeting – Vitoria/ES - Brazil

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