Eternity is the land to sow the future


Dear children,

Have mercy for the rebel ones that will also accomplish their liberating journey, when their awakened consciences beg to the Father a new restart. At that moment, our hearts will be happy to raise you from the darkness to light, going back to the Father's House. On that coming hour, your spirits today rooted by the pain that frees will already dressing cleaned garments. Then, you will be their spiritual teachers and guides to sustain them in their ascension proofs.

Today, they are the perverse enemies, tomorrow, the dear disciple. Eternity is the land to sow the evolution.

Look for and you will find. Knock and door opens to you.


Clairvoyance: I saw "Abrigo Servos de Jesus" - ASJ and Jesus, dressed discreetly appeared in the dark field replete with deformed beings. His image emitted soft light while he walked here and there among the "beings of darkness". Then, in front of the Army of Darkness, He said:

My children, why do you pursue Me? Are we not brothers, children of the only Creative Father?

Lay down the weapons, open your hearts and let in the Light of My Love to rescue you from the dark valley, in which you inhabit.

You are not my executioners, my brothers!

I am not adversary. I love and welcome you in My Breast.

Retake the human behavior of children of God and come to me free you.

Time has come to you move from darkness to restart in another denser and simpler plane that will soften your being, so that you can see and love as I love you.

Free yourselves, my brothers!

I am Jesus, your Brother! See me!


When Jesus has just spoken, a sparkle illuminated the dark field so that the deformed beings could see Him who smiled and left.

Some beings of darkness had tumbled, others ran, others hid or jumped inside of rifts.

I still heard:

Dear children of My Father!

You do not judge as divine punishment, the pain that visits you, as medicine to your souls still so backward in practicing the Lessons of Love I left you.

If you had converted your actions into love, the pain, as unwanted visit would not reach you today, at the end of the "planetary cycle."

You are very late in the knowledge of yourself while your flag is only to blame and easily see the bandage in the eyes of others, with your darkened vision, as delayed soul.

Remove the light under the bushel, because time has come to illuminating your road with good actions.

Go back to the Father's House through the road that showed you find Me, because I am the Road, Truth and the Life.

Yours faithfully,

Jesus, GESH- 02/11/11-Vitoria/ES –Brazil.

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