Divine presence


Lord, may my eyes not close in front of my brother's tears.

May my heart not close to the pain of this Earth.

May I not be one more to beg for help.

May I not be an easy capture of the matter.

Father, May Your Light which guides me, not allow to divert myself of the path.

May the pulsar of Your Heart be my compass on the way to follow.

That Your Arms can cradle my anguishes and welcome my victories.

May I pray and not forget the Christian work

May I see without judging

Give without receiving. Fight without ever giving up the battle.

May my greater goal in this life be what You designated for me.

May my tears not feed the despair.

May my hands be extended so that I can raise my brother.

Father, I am in You and feel Your presence in me.

I follow Your teachings, Your Laws.

May I be a useful instrument in this Transition.

May I be Your Warrior. Light!

Atanagildo*, in 26/08/00
GESH, Vitória (Es), Brazil

*Disciple of Ramatis, author of the book Sowing and Harvesting.

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