Human loss generate riots; human injustice becomes trivial


Beloved daughters,

Peace does not reign on Earth.

Human hearts fight throughout the whole globe in every social level.

There are no borders for violence. Pain punishes the humanity severely. Riots unchain here and there and blood soaks the Globe.

The flood is approaching, because the waters overflow the seas and rivers. Despair hit the creatures, and collective deaths accelerate too.

Rulers of great Nations cultivate no hope of global peace, only seeking their own economical and military power.

In sub-plans of the planetary crust, in inferior areas of the invisible plane, the bitter, hateful, deceived spirits take their places of tenacious obsession against humanity spreading pain and recruiting new co-workers in both planes of life.

They change the large load of suffering into total lack of love in their hearts. Faith sponsored by the illusion of material earnings and wealth snatch crowds building "sand castles" that disappear quickly before the torrent of events of "end of times."

The non-execution of the Divine Laws is the largest evidence for the humanity's moral delay. Easier to hate the brother than practice the Sublime Lesson: "love your enemy."

Homeless and without bread succumb collectivities before the natural catastrophes; and the temporary power acquired at expense of moral falls does not avoid pain in all hearts hardened in evil, pride or vanity.

Human losses generate riots, as well as human injustice become trivial.

To die is natural; moral falls lead to future pain.

To act under the Creator's Laws is all human beings' destiny.

Remember Jesus without sin that died on the cross and is always at your side so that you can forgive, love and progress.

He, who is darkness, he refuses the appeal of the Light in his heart, as regret.

Pain will visit equally Light and Darkness. It is the great selector of souls of "end of times."

Pain likewise X-ray reveals the spiritual condition of Collectivity, Nation and Orb.

Pain is the psychic detonator announcing the end for this humanity that reveals larger dose of low spiritual condition, of supporting it without riots or without corrupting by using the "pain of others" for self-benefit.

Men will succumb before the pain of recognizing themselves failed spiritually, in the universal evolutionary scale.

Pain sowed richly among similar beings, unfairly returns through the Divine Justice to select the souls at "Doomsday."

May Jesus bless this humanity and beautiful Planet!

Nietzsche - GESH – 01/28/11 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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