So much pain comes – Part I


Be in Peace on behalf of Jesus!

Even the most perverse beings may feel the Master’s sweetness in their hearts. From the immaculate history of His pilgrimage on Earth, the authority of His Name makes to bend the most perverse beings.

However, you do not remember, we were together when the Lord Jesus was on Earth. Nevertheless, you already had small samples of that time; and I can tell you that are real the fragments that arrive you. As traveler, you were with Jesus and listened to His tame wise words.

While listening to him, not only His profound knowledge reached your mind, as well as His loving vibrations of infinite wisdom penetrated deeply our souls and bodies.

Incalculable benefits lived, all of us, Apostles of Christ, disciples of the Light Star that irradiated love and peace on Earth.

It also comes from Him, the strength for the work you accomplish.

You do not doubt of the tame sweetness of peace irradiated by His lovingly presence, as Restoring Strength and Hope for all humanity.

So much pain and despair may reach the bewildered and lost humanity.

Men will hurt violently themselves, because of so much ignorance.

Brothers and friends do not suffer too much due to pain and suffering, but welcome them on behalf of Jesus, once you were prepared to announce His Presence amidst the chaos and pain. The Master asks you.

We will not be with you in the physical plane, as formerly, but we count with your arms, words and loving presence to indicate the path of redemption, resignation and renouncement, sacrifice and love for those still lost.

Please, "you do not deny the Christ as I did", for fear of failing or of sacrifice.

Help with the word of the Gospel, in guiding and aiding all of the suffering creatures. Even before too much noise, the Master’s peace and sweetness may touch each creature's inner fibers, as He did in the past time. Those who welcomes His Message of Love; they will be renewed and strengthened to go ahead. For the faithless ones that hear but do not believe in Him, we just can pray for them to choose the path of progress; however, it may be a long journey.

May the Lord Jesus bless us!

Margarida: who is speaking?

Pedro. I am your Brother Peter.

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Peter, the Apostle - GESJ – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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