To each one according to its merit



Blessed be the Light of the Lord Jesus!

To strong load of negative energy loosened around the Shelter, because of very violent neighborhood, it has been feeding the Reptilians looking for raw material for their macabre and inhuman experiences.

Since this place shelters "Commands of incarnates" (drug dealers and others) partners of reptilians, they created and maintain here a "laboratory" for their macabre experiments. The same ones that serve them today, after disincarnating become guinea pigs for aberrant experiments.

The laboratory is where the local people denominate "dumping of bodies" with abundant energy of fear and hate for revenge.

When allowed, we remove the victims chosen by the Superior Spirituality. Unfortunately, some did not deserve be rescued yet, not by "divine injustice" as their mothers cry and think, when sleeping, go out of the astral, in search for their children and find them suffering.

God is fair, and "to each one according to its merit."

Be in Peace with Christ! Take His Code of Love as guideline toward the Light!

Tarcílio, GESH – 02/26/11 – Vigil in Vila Velha/ES – Brazil.

Clairvoyance: This message came, after I have seen the "laboratory of Reptilians" close to the Shelter and various lying on stretchers manipulated by scientists of darkness.

We saw true monsters undergoing to several aberrant experiments, and desperate mothers screaming their children's name.

Note: for a long time, weekly, in the "spawning of bodies" has been happening murders with refinement of torture and cruelty...

Only believing in "Reincarnation", we can believe in God infinitely Good, Fair and Merciful Father.


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