We are here for the final cleanness on Earth


Save Jesus! Save the Force! Save the Light!

For many transformations already passed the terrestrial crust over the millennia, in its journey and development in this dimension.

The displacement of seas and continents occurred for long periods until the tectonic plates reached a more solid accommodation, but not definitive.

Time has come for one more deep transformation of the terrestrial geography; seas again will be moved, new lands will emerge, and entire continents will submerge.

There is not punishment from the Divinity to the rebellious humanity. The automatism of the Creative Laws triggered by the time determined the transformation.

To leave from a dimension to superior one provokes changes in the surface of the Earth, as well in all planes, dimensions and in the Planet’s internal atmosphere.

While in the physical plane, lands disappear, and others emerge where formerly seas sailed its waters, the subtle action of atmosphere due to the dimensional change, will turn visible what is invisible today to your eyes: animals, plants, intraterrestrial and extraterrestrial beings, countless colors and forms specific and natural of the dimension besides the third one you live.

The physical bodies of those that will inhabit the New Earth will also be in accordance with the new subtler dimension, because humans will live more for the spirit and less for the matter. It will be the Mentalist Age, as true and ascendant change of human beings.

All the kingdoms: mineral, vegetable, animal, elemental and human in all sides and dimensions of the Earth may feel the pain of transformation.

To inhabit the New World, the Earth and everything of it will take a bath in the stormy and caustic waters of the "Doomsday."

You do not fear the death in whatever form it comes, therefore it represents reborn for new evolution opportunities.

May the peace and love involve you!

We are here as Gardeners of the Space to clean up the Earth for the New Age.

Gardeners of the Space - GESH - 06/04/11 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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