Have faith, despite the buildings and men falling around you – Part II


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Not just friends will look for you!

Not just enemies will approach of you!

Be ready, as a swarm of bees attracted to light, many will look for you. When receiving the appeals, you have to testify Christ's Light that is not yours, but it shines in you.

Give free what you received free.

Myth of despair already begins in continuous vibratory waves on Earth’s surface, amalgamated by bad intentions of "spirits of darkness" surrounding the humanity that unconsciously sees the drastic events that will materialize in the future.

The crazy crowd loses hope, while noticing the imminent collapse of unsuccessful civilization with their idolaters in the matter. You all, Servants of Jesus, cultivate the goodness taught by Jesus.

Make good use of the knowledge widely disseminated by His disciples. Join to worker teams of the invisible world lovingly devoted to protect you now.

If close to you, a dear one falls, instinctively try to help him, and it is fair you make it. However, do not throw you into abyss for the love-attachment or love-fault that in general absorbs your inner strength.

No kind of love can be above that devoted to God, taught by Jesus.

Have faith, despite the buildings and men falling around you.

We cannot sustain for long time, the fragile balance of forces on your planet; only those who remain voluntarily linked to us, they will be above the fury that will sweep the Earth’s surface.

Have faith and put in the "spirit" the true importance of life.

With you, we will accomplish our destiny of unconditionally love the neighbor, as Jesus teaches.

Peace in all planetary sides!

Peace in your hearts!

Ashtar Sheran, 05/07/11 – GESJ/Board Meeting – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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