Battles become more and more intense– Part I


After the communication of the Negative Beings.

Dear sisters, happily, the veil of the matter hides the vision, so that you do not see where the deformity of the human soul resulted from the human rebelliousness and spiritual delay. Contradicted in their will, they submit themselves to the vilest instincts distorting the natural and beautiful physiology of the soul, built by the Creator; deforming the created intelligence, in order to expand besides the material borders.

You can make your questions.

Q: My Brother, my family is going to take a leisure trip, from June 22 to July 02, I wonder if I also could be with them.

Hercílio Mães: Yes, you can, according to the Masters that drive our works, since you keep positive thoughts. As you know, human intentions are not pure, and wherever you go, the moral distortions follow you.

Keep you connected to the High with most sincere and salutary possible!

Margarida: We wonder why I am not very well since yesterday.

At night, I had a pain in the thoracic box and my body aches today. My companions also are not feeling well for two days. Did have battles?

Hercílio Mães: Yes, every night, there are conflicts and confrontations, some larger and more intense than others.

However, at this period, since you began the work, by request of the Adored Master in receiving the "perverse creatures", more and more the negative beings attack. Even ignoring what is happening, the intense negative energy attracts them out of their dark caves.

They attack the Centers of Light, which Groups of Warriors are going to the battlefields so that, through the sword, the dark beings tumble and waken the conscience for new evolution stage in other Globes.

When the confrontations are with creatures that one day trod with us the same road, you that are still embodied spirits recognizing adversaries as old friends and brothers not accepting your new higher condition superior, more ferocious they become, facing them as enemies. Then, the hate increases and hurts more deeply your soul.

The battles, body-to body become more and more intense. Sometimes, a Warrior defeats ten beasts depending on his/her strength, and you always defeat more than one enemy. You all you are warlike that accept any work presented by the Superior Spirituality.

Save Jesus! Save the Light!

Hercílio Mães, GESH – 05/13/11 – Psychopony - Vitória/ES – Brazil.

Note: See next Weekly Message nr. 2249.

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