One people without borders


Clairvoyance: Even not feeling the strong presence of the Angel Ishmael transmitting his message, I saw him with his open winds over Brazil.

After the message, I saw him spreading rays of Light over the "Earth of the Cruise."

The rays of Light penetrated reducing the dense dark cloud over Brazil.

Then we received the following message:

Brazilian people!

Let the faith flow from your hearts!

Without faith, you will meet darkness!

You do not look for wealth; the economical power will not make Brazil, Barn of the World.

It is through the spiritual development that you will conquer, forever, the title of Homeland of the Gospel.

Historically, the Greatest Nations are replete of bad actions blood-soaked, because do not get to dominate other people, without military power.

To Brazil is reserved the light of the Planetary Renewal, but with dirty hands seeking greed and corruption you can turn off the lights of the Gospel and attract to its green body, the uncontrolled storms and disasters of Nature that abate the powerful modern Nations.

Dignity, humility and spirituality are necessary to you overcome the chaos.

"Wolves" try to seduce the "sheep", and these will become "black sheep" if they want.

The destinies of the World do not rest on a single Nation. If your actions contrary to Christ’s Gospel hinder Brazil to be Homeland of the Gospel and Heart of the World, there will be a Plan of Emergency for the delayed planets.

Free will governs your actions, but do not determine the life in the Universe.

Stop the "wave of moral falls" in series, disseminated among the people.

Rulers, your lives are worthless before the Father's Will. Out of the Gospel, the transformations will drag you, and before you can revile more the Homeland of the Gospel, from the High, we will act impeding that your actions connected to the Beast stain the Brazilian Land with armed revolt, sanguinary confrontations and perversion of moral.

Before the dawn of New Time, you will see turned into chaos, your ideals of economical conquest of the World, because the destiny of Brazil is the spiritual conquest of the Planet.

Brazilian people!

Remain faithful to the high purposes of the Planet Earth!

Be you humble servants of God!

You must renew your faith and give up the Evil!

May Jesus bless Brazil and the World!

Save the Brazilian people!

Ishmael, guardian of Brazil;

After the mantra at 6 pm

The Nations of the World that morally resist to the gale of the planetary transformation may become only one people without borders, only one race with only one God, for the construction of the Renewed Earth.

That is the Divine Planning for the Planet Earth.

Blessed be the Light guiding us!

Blessed be Jesus!

Ishmael, Guardian of Brazil - GESH - 06/03/11 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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