Preparation for Special Work Teams


Blessed be the Light!

Sisters, long time passed since our last communication.

Now, I am accomplishing works in the same way the Leader of the "Grupo Servos de Jesus" is preparing work teams for successive events after the 3 days of darkness culminating with the Planetary Transition.

Under the Great Universal White Fraternity, we follow the guidelines dictated by the Masters. Now, I am with Groups not from Brazil, but that follow the same guidelines of GESJ.

We had difficulties to meet people to assume leaderships; but gradually, the work is done as the Lord Jesus wants.

I am now with one of the 12 groups concluding the programming and then, I will join other group *

We follow the Light that strengthens us.

Be in Peace.

Étheris (*), GESH – 06/19/10 – Vigil in Jacaraipe/ES – Brazil.

Note: (*) Étheris refers to the 12 work groups chosen throughout the entire Orb for receiving a special fighting arsenal. (Read the Weekly Message nr.1880).

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