Evolution is the goal of all of us


Be in Peace, dear brothers!

May Jesus bless us in serving and loving!

The so announced "Doomsday" has arrived full of violence and backward moral.

The hallucination and perversity involve minds and hearts of careless and rebellious brothers that over the millennia refused the purposes of God tat remain undiminished.

Those who question the apocalyptical reality, by chance, do they judge the chaos and perversity as natural order of life? No way, my brothers!

Evolution is the goal of all of us, and the briefest or longer path of suffering and rebelliousness is and individual choice.

To tie with Hosts of Good for fear of facing the reality or to avoid the necessary renewal is equally to deceive.

Each one should live, as if each day were the last one, in loving, forgiving, changing, following the Divine Master's Teachings, and "loving the neighbor as himself, not forgetting to love God above all things."

Give up fear, doubt and rebelliousness for not interrupting own transformation.

Each one receives in proportion to his/her actions.

Be in Peace.

Monteiro Lobato, GESH – 08/24/10 - Public Meeting – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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