Responsibility belongs to everyone!


Clairvoyance: in the astral plane, I saw two Beings of Light floating above the Earth. They were the angels Ishmael and Seraphim according to an Instructor of GESJ who was next to me. Ishmael seemed sad while observing Brazil.

Here is a part of the dialogue among them:

Save the Light guiding us!

Beloved Ishmael, we can see the love and sadness in your eyes when you see the Homeland adopted in your heart.

When the Lord Jesus put this land to flourish through your hands, you knew of the great mission that had begun on that moment.

Nowadays, we can see the ferocious wolves (humans) gaining ground to satiate their wild instincts. On the other hand, we see the faithful and courageous sheep with struggling to keep up the few "Points of Light" amidst the darkness. However, it was written in the books of gold, where is planned the humanity's fate: "There will come a time the Light will defeat the Darkness and men and women taken by their free will may choose Light or Darkness."

At this time, the Brother of Light speaks to Brazilian men and women.

Beloved Ishmael!

Beloved brothers on Earth of the Cruise!

It is a great responsibility that weighs on the shoulders of those who by choice of proofs, they embodied on the Promised Land, where together would guide the other Nations on those terrible moments after the "dark days."

Bear in mind and hearts to be in the Earth of the Cruise is a blessed opportunity for those wishing to break the sequence of pain and falls that have been accumulating.

Brothers, the responsibility belong to everyone!

So must act those who already feel in the hearts, the role in the transformation from a Planet of Pain and Atonement toward the Regeneration.

We wish Peace and Fraternity in your hearts.

A Angel Serafim, GESH – 08/27/11 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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