Happy are those who have eyes that see


May the Peace be with you, beloved daughters!

At all times, Evolved Beings responsible for the destination of the Planet Earth, they have sent callings of alert on future events to stimulate more rapidly the creatures' spiritual progress.

The Prophets were pursued by the ignorance, which is daughter of the spiritual delay. They mobilized extraterrestrial forces and reached ethereal planes where pictures of the past, present and future were showed clearly.

Not always, they could decipher the images clearly, for not taking part of that time, when images of objects and places did not exist yet turning difficult for them describing their visions without having any reference.

All prophecies, however seem enigmatic, they alert the humanity concerning their actions deprived of love that will bring them suffering.

Prophets and prophecies, known of ignored will manifest.

The prophetic character of the revelations we sent you due to the acceleration of time in concluding the last cycle of atonement on Earth.

The prophesied Apocalypse for thousands of years is reality.

Happy are those who have eyes that see.

Master Shama Hare, GESH – 10/08/11 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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