Your World sinks into mud


We, inhabitants of the Universe come to meet you, inhabitants of the Earth, on behalf of the Mercy and Compassion to activate in your extra corporal memory, the memory of other worlds that preceded the Earth sheltering your divine spark.

You have progressed from mineral to vegetable kingdoms absorbing energies other Planets.

You have progressed from vegetable to animal kingdom leaving marked, worlds in formation.

You have progressed from Animal to Elemental Kingdom bringing the instincts for the manifestation hominal.

You have advanced and increased natural forces favoring the development of Orbs where inhabited.

As humans in the Primitive Worlds, you constituted backward peoples without the high knowledge and mental abilities to develop high functions.

You have progressed, civilized and consumed yourselves in the afflicted delay of conquering wars, and became lost in vain suicide disputes.

After exile, you had your mental abilities not developed yet. You orbited the planet until were allowed to incarnate again it dimension.

You have forgotten of the millenarian path of progress, in which you lived, since you adhered so strongly to the dense matter that again you run the risk of succumbing with it.

Ambition, pride and selfishness disrupted the equilibrating links hindering the spiritual growth. New transformation of energy will come to elevate the Earth on the scale of worlds, where the humanity will not inhabit if they do not accompany the evolutionary jump of the Planet.

Everyone even unconscious driven by inferior instincts will stay longer in the stage between humans and angels, everyone until face new experiences compatible with their "new homes". Then, they will awaken for the progress granted and chosen by the free will to continue the spiritual growth.

Q: Could I ask questions?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Since I was a child, I wonder what comes after death. Now that I know the Doctrine, I wonder what comes after so many incarnations. How far are we going? What does come later? Everything gives me an affliction.

A: It is natural a mind limited due to the little spiritual knowledge gets lost in dreams when trying to reach what cannot yet. Mediumship is the open door to the invisible, but it should only be worked by rigorous criteria and superior purposes.

Q: I already thought those things when I was a child, even before having developed the mediumship.

A: You did not become medium after knowing the Spirit Doctrine. You were born as Medium committed with the work. By means of your youth dreams, you looked for us, nostalgic and desirous of healthy contact that our world could provide you.

Q: Where are you from?

A: We do not take part of your Solar system. We inhabit the Pleiades.

Q: It is true! I would like returning somewhere unknown to me, in order to know other worlds, way of living and beauties of the Creation.

A: It means desires of the scientist who made researches and interrupted the path of progress, and then came the fall and exile.

Moreover, like you, many brothers in humanity left friends, work and families far away from Earth and from the Planetary System.

Now, they live at time of changes to facilitate the return or induce the new exile to ensure the permanence on the Renewed Earth or in another Planet similar the current Earth to waken you from the stationary rebelliousness.

Those that used to capture energy of others, with practices contrary to the Laws of God, for free choice, they may inhabit inert worlds proceeding in similar fights and ferocious combats until drain all energy that does not belong them, returning to that globe everything that had stolen.

Laws that govern the worlds are as unalterable and perfect as His Creator.

As soon as you understand such reality, closer to happiness you will be; therefore, only in His Omnipresence you will find the meaning of existence.

Your world sinks into mud. In reaction, the fire will burn the sludge removed from Abyss by devoted workers. Finally, the movement of waters will wash the Globe, putting in new places, the inhabitable regions for a new humanity aided by nostalgic friends in order to colonize and inhabit as humans in regeneration, a New World.

It lacks you faith.

Build it and everything more will be yours.

Tuella, GESH – 10/28/11-Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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