Answer to a request - II


Save the Light guiding us.

Blessed be Jesus, Governor of Planet Earth.

Brothers, look for "target" in acting against the evil.

Look for "balance" to be saved before the battles that happen around you.

Firstly, look for Christ's Gospel. Jesus is the Way, Truth and Life. He guides you amidst the turmoil of "End of Times", so that you can send to the men, the messages to awaken their minds and strengthen their souls to defeat the darkness and survive under the Light.

Brother, do not renounce the Prayer conducting you. Never, have doubts of the Presence of Light guiding you.

The evolved spirits can manifest easier, if before the contact, you elevate the thought to the High in search of help through the Power of Light that guide us.

We are nothing, without Him who created us. From Him come the strength and desire in serving. Knelt down, we always ask Him, courage and strength to serve.

If you still wander in the world of Atonement and Trials, probably you left behind blessed opportunities of progress, and today, at the end of the "Planetary Cycle", new opportunities appear, so that you can finally, reach those who have evolved because did not waste time in wrongdoing.

Sister, you have a mediumistic duty. Are you ready in sacrifice, renouncement and humility to fulfill it according with God’s Laws?

If you say yes, we can guide your thoughts and words; but not decide for you.

I am Tuela. Do you know me, sister?

Margarida: Yes, here in GESJ, we know that you are Extraterrestrial.

Tuela: Yes, we belong to the Intergalactic Confederation serving the Planet Earth.

Margarida: Since long time, we had not your loving presence among us.

Tuela: I have few opportunities to express myself, because the combination of forces between the earthly plane and mediums not always are ideal

Friends (visitors) not always you will have all the answers, but, in case of doubt, try to banish it with prayers, and suddenly the Light comes.

If you choose the path of light, then practice the Divine Master's Lessons and the doors will open to you. The bestial creatures will stay away, therefore they want destroy the Light.

Do not be afraid of death, because the physical body is transitory; the free spirit reaches the spiritual growth and become stronger.

We greet you on behalf of the Light. We leave you on the Peace of the Lord Jesus who leads all creatures.

Margarida: Thank you sister for you friendly presence. Pleased to meet you again. With a great joy, our Group is always at your disposal.

Tuela: Blessed be the Light guiding us!

Extraterrestrial Tuela, GESJ – 10/04/11 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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