Placed as victims, they reject other who suffers


Brothers, how could be useful the lessons, without students?

Many people walk on Earth disappointed for facing hard trials. They ignore that before the Father, they could be solution for countless suffering ones that more tearful wander through the astral plane looking for help.

They want help, but not offer help. Placed as victims, they reject others who suffer. Too committed to self-pity, they sink in inertia, credulous that at once, a miracle will bring them the so dreamed happiness.

Poor and foolish are those who ignore God’s Laws!

"It is giving, we receive."

He, who lessens someone’s bale, he also lessens him.

He, who meekly recommends the acceptance of suffering with resignation and certainty of happiness in the future, he also helps himself.

Brothers, you must give up the spiritual poverty in which you are immersed and be free through the mediumistic accomplished under Jesus' blessings.

It is He who invites you to work hard in favor of the poor ones, it is Him you deny when refuse to assist the poor ones in His name.

It is essential be tuned in with Hosts of Light, in order to end energy circuit involving humans on that hour impeding the perverse beings daring penetrating through the tortuous roads of shadows to hinder the Christian work.

From laziness, nothing will get.

From negligence, only sadness and conscience full of remorse.

In denial of work, repetition may inherit.

Meditate on our words. They are as hard as diamond that cuts the glass to make the brilliant cup to satiate the traveler.

Begin at once working, studying and serving.

Emmanuel, GESH – 11/04/11/ - Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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