We continue working to break the expansion of radioactivity


May the Peace and Kindness be in your hearts, dear sisters!

The atomic energy escaped from the Japanese nuclear power plant continues dispersing throughout the terrestrial atmosphere.

As vibratory waves, they spread throughout the human collectivities and oceans provoking unbalances, deformation, sterility and mutation in the marine fauna.

In the human beings, it alters the cellular genetics provoking diseases and teratrogenias. Equally, in the animal kingdom and in the environment produces deep damages.

We continue working to break the expansion of the nuclear atomic radioactivity; however, the People’s karmic determinism allows the manifestation of deep damage.

The reality of the planetary transformation gives us hopes to clean up the imbalanced electrons, neutrons, protons and other fragments of atom, because as we already heard, the Earth of Regeneration will be free from all types of stains.

We vibrate in Jesus' Love in favor of the neighbor.

May Jesus bless us!

Paulo Nagai, GESH – 01/14/12 –Vila Velha/ES – Brazil.

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