Become better human beings


Terrestrial brothers and friends,

Beings of the most varied races from distant points of the Universe move in the infinite space, however, there is freedom of movement, organization and purpose.

Evolved Beings of the Cosmic Hierarchy supervise the passage of travelers writing down their directions and intentions.

This Humanity has primitive nature, more influenced by the matter than logical reasoning driving your actions, as primary instincts, more than your consciences.

As a result of that previsible equation that impels the terrestrial people to recognize the "end of their civilization", the World Leaders with larger power of decision begin their spatial trips to recognize their future homes, when no more will be possible to inhabit the Earth.

By ignoring the Creator’s Perfect Plan, they feel able to inhabit another planet, after the hecatomb of the Earth.

Bear you in mind, the programming of the worlds does not include human ignorance, and once despised the gift of a planetary home, the change will come, however, not to populate again other Orb, but in order start again in a globe different from the evolutionary condition in which they are.

To inhabit or not the Planet Earth will not be your choice.

You should have already honored the House received.

Once despised the opportunity to evolve on Earth, you must move to another place compatible with your spiritual situation and material ambition.

Your spaceships cross through the infinite space, in search of alternatives for the humanity too late in evolution.

Nothing you will find, therefore, actually, you ought to lead yourselves for the unexplored space of your selfish and proud consciences, surrounding to the endless arrogance and greed that are incompatible with the condition of the beloved children of God Father.

You should return the resources you have in favor of others that at least have been obtaining from the terrestrial civilization, the bread necessary for survival. It is fraternal obligation for the evolved peoples.

Only when you treat equally the other ways of life loving and respecting one another, you will honor the Planet in which you inhabit, conquering safe-conduct to the contact with other more advanced civilizations of other planets.

There is not other way than face the trials your ignorance has built as living, repulsive barrier that arrests you to the Planet Earth (Sham) at this time of climatic changes of the terrestrial landscapes.

Modify the way you think!

Surrender to the evidences of who are you!

Become better human beings to conquer better conditions of life.

Your spatial trips in search of refuge are useless. You are cowardly escaping of the inevitable disastrous consequences.

Stay and face with weapons of love, pardon and compassion, the adverse conditions in the Planet. If the pain suggest you revolt, do it just against your inferior feelings, which are worthy of revolt, indeed. Let the revolt remove from your being, the rotten mud of primitivism dominating you!

The space is free for all creatures, but, each one must conquest such freedom, in the measure that undoes the ties that keeps him/her prisoner of the expiatory incarnations.

Arc-zon of the Planet Crystal

Clairvoyance: That extraterrestrial being seemed very different of others ever seen. He came with human shape, but with body of transparent plasma, fluid and at the same time with certain consistence that allowed its modeling. But it seemed that at any instant would become light. I took advantage of the message interruption to ask:

Q: Brother, could you tell us about your civilization?

A: Humans cannot understand it yet.

We are studying a way to transmit them to your scientists, so that they understand the Science as also formula originating from the Creative Mind and that will only survive the resources and scientific practices able to recognize in the divine existence, the source generator of everything existent in the Universe.

Thank you for helping us, once the contact with your species allows us countless adjustments in our tasks; and if your Masters allow, other times we will be here, tuning our thoughts to the logical structure of the human thought for the best communication.

For the time being, we only make recognition of the place and conditions for future contacts. We expect the Peace and Light of the Divine Mind inhabit your still primary conscience.

Q: Brother, we are thankful for your fraternal presence, and we expect the Lord Jesus' Love is the vehicle of our interplanetary understanding. Our House is always open for those devoted to goodness and light.

Arc-zon, GESH – 01/13/12 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

After the communication, the extraterrestrial being lost his human form, when the light converged to the center of what was his body that simply dissolved changing of plane and disappeared. That is all I know!

I saw the place from where he came. It seems to be a Sun bigger than that we know. In my thinking, it was Antares.

That Sun produces the matter that creates the body of manifestation of their spirits. That matter seems crystal liquid, which is easier of modeling.

Actually, they are hot as their Star-home irradiating much light, but they cooled their bodies in order to approximate and communicate with the Group.

They work as "Builders of the Worlds" of the Universe.


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