The Lord of the worlds drives us!


Clairvoyance: Among us, His Presence filled the entire GESJ. I could see him in the same position speaking beside us.

I am Presence.

I am among you.

I am walking with you.

Neither pain nor affliction moves you away from me, because I know your mistakes, even before they occur.

Let them practicing self- pardon. Extend this lesson also forgiving your neighbor, one that offends you, because like you, he is still weak to resist to the bad inclination.

Persevere in the good to face the bitterness of the terrestrial journey. When pain shakes your faith, remember that I am to your side sustaining your sick soul.

Above the matter is the true meaning of life, where you will inhabit afterlife. Get ready, every day, to penetrate the portals of the eternal life with purified soul.

The body suffers. The Law comes true. The soul is freed.

The Lord of the worlds guides us. Let us follow His Light.

Jesus, GESH – 03/23/12 – Vitória/ES – Brazil.

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