Many intraterrestrial cities are already evacuated.


Beloved sisters, may the Master of the Masters bless you!

We come from Okay City, an intraterrestrial city placed in Chapada Diamantina/Bahia/Brazil, to greet you

The Planetary House modifies!

If you cannot see the changes in the world where you live, we have already seen it. Not only its physical geographical constitution has changed, but, mainly, the spiritual geography changes visibly.

After emptied the "poverty nuclei of the inferior planes", the Light shines abundantly there, flooding other sub-planes until then full of negative vibrations. Caves disappeared to give place to huge green fields that sooner may emerge on surface of the invisible plane.

Yes sisters, the "invisible world" also suffers with the turmoil and changes occurred in the "physical world, because only this way, the Planet will get to renew itself.

Many intraterrestrial cities that had not yet adhered to the Earth Plan on Planetary Transition and of Planetary Evacuation, they, gradually are aware of the chaotic situation, and imminent danger on Earth, tuned in with the High Planes, they are accepting the invitation for the work, on behalf of the Divine Planetary Governor.

Many intraterrestrial cities are already evacuated for the advent of the New Age. Intraterrestrial brothers that no more will inhabit the Earth, they are sent to other worlds, where will follow their evolutionary journey still inhabiting the interior of planets similar to Earth.

Margarida: Days ago, we had information on intraterrestrial cities, which inhabitants are still bellow us in evolution being evacuated to other planets according to their degree of evolution.

Orcadim: They will continue the evolutionary journey over there.

They are not yet those very primitive ones, almost inhabiting the third dimension. These will be the last ones to abandon the Earth. Certainly, they do not imagine themselves inhabiting the interior of a planet.

Meanwhile, sisters, the process of Planetary Rescue continues on the surface, which people come to intraterrestrial cities prepared to welcome them.

The intraterrestrial brothers in feverish activity, they exert efforts so that the terrestrial ones arrived in physical body find a similar atmosphere to that they inhabited and, the disembodied ones equally do not feel the impact of being helped in the interior of the Earth.

The Planetary Transition advances, as well the process of rescue occurs more rapidly due to crescent "collective deaths" throughout the world.

Margarida: there are months, I am thinking about the third book on intraterrestrial cities, and before this news, we should start it now.

Orcadim: we expect the terrestrial ones knew that there is neither hell nor heaven, just areas of soft, sublime or caustic regions that deserve inhabit.

We expect God bless us; so that each one fulfills his/her duties with joy dignifying the condition as children's of God.

Your brother Orcadim says goodbye to you.

Save Light guiding us!

Blessed be the Divine Governor Jesus that is always present in all planes and dimensions of the Earth ¹.

Blessed Be the Lord Jesus! Save the Light!

Intraterrestrial Orcadim, GESH – 04/13/12 – Psychophony – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

Note ¹: Recently, very often, Lord Jesus has been projecting His words throughout the world.

Note ²: Read Divulgation 63.

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