Collective death



Blessed be the Lord of the Universe!

Blessed be the Planetary Christ!

Despite the terrestrial brothers call us as Lords of karma, our extra planetary origin calls us to act more directly on Earth that we took under our responsibility.

We sought in an accelerated way on Earth, to gather the embodied brothers for the Advent of collective death.

For families to feel more comforted, we let them know that the victims of these collective death are previously prepared, when there is permission and possibility to do it, thus facilitating the rescue of spirits.

Unfortunately, the barrier of misinformation and lack of knowledge about the "spiritual world" hinder the work of the Rescue Parties, we exert efforts to instruct those brothers, even before disincarnating.

We expect the warnings reach the hands of those who publish our words.

We wish Peace and Light to you.

Zagon, Lord of karma, GESH – 04/13/12 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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