There are no victims before the Law of Cause and Effect


Beloved brothers,

May the Peace be on all parts of the Planet and in your hearts too!

The Mantra is other part of the master key, with which we activated the Portals of Light spread in and outside the Brazilian territory.

The simultaneity that activated such Portals, it is very important to anchorage forces to the planet Sham that receives so many negative impacts from the current dense, dark psychosphere.

By means of some Energy Portals placed in the planetary chakras, we got to transmit extra energy to the Planet to keep it intact, without disintegrate its molecules.

The moment you live is serious, once it accelerates the presence of incendiary sparkles emitted by the Beast of Apocalypse. She/he knows that once deflagrated the disorder, quickly will settle the chaos, and have at your disposal, the victims arrested by the "agents of evil."

Remember that in agreement with the Divine Justice there are no victims before the Law of Cause and Effect. Those that today despise and laugh at the sad news we bring to you, tomorrow they will cry before their executioners immobilized by the spiritual unpreparedness, hardness of their hearts and ignorance that causes blindness. It will only remain them to recognize before the "Beast" the messages ignored represented the last hope of salvation.

Still at time of suffering, of apparent dominance by the power of evil and Armies of Darkness, the Portals of Light will be activated, anchoring the forces able to break the total chaos and opponents of Jesus.

The faithful ones who follow the Angelic determinations of serving and love the neighbor, on that hour they offer themselves to the fraternity, they equally can absorb and renew their forces elevating the thought in search of the Portals opened to fulfill the work in this House of Charity.

Do not forget, what Lord Jesus sows, the humanity picks in love and light.

May the Peace be on all parts of the Planet and in your hearts too!

Commander Ashtar Sheran

GESH – 04/20/12 – Psychophony - Vila Velha/Es – Brazil.

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