Planetary scenario: agitation, fight, transformation and exile - I


Sisters, we greet you on behalf of the Light.

It is a great joy to be here with you.

I am Brother Septum Shenar bringing news from immaterial planes to involve this humanity.

Margarida: Brother, you are welcome on behalf of God. For us, it is a great joy to meet you here, in this little Indigenous Village.

Septum Shenar: The spaceships of extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial brothers circulate in larger number on the Planet, because larger number of disembodied are on the surface. They come from "abysmal" areas, where have inhabited for hundreds of years, dominated by diabolical minds that implanted in their brains, realities distorted on Life and the Creator.

These backward minds advance on human collectivities, because they are also human beings that transitorily wander in delay and ignorance seeking in the automatism of likeness, accomplices and enemies to influence with their perverted ideas.

The planetary cleaning is a reality ignored by embodied beings and most of the disembodied ones disappointed, living as if were still in the matter influencing them.

The "Beast" influences their unprotected minds, and the human beings' attacks against other brothers provoke scenes of horror (vile crimes) in the whole planet.

The Centers of Light, which allows the anchorage of Superior Forces; they make efforts to keep themselves in activity; and at the same time, to help within their reach, to break the evil on Earth.

The Power of Evil tries to dominate the Planet, in order to favor the Beast to implant his/her empire on the surface, once they notice him/her leaving from abysmal regions toward the surface. However, they ignore the "Force" that allows such process.

It means the Power of the Planetary Christ acting in to clean up the beautiful Planet Earth. The advent of the Regeneration should already have happened, however the Divine Planning has prolonged the period, giving new opportunities for spiritual renewal, choosing new roads, reducing pain and sufferings.

The Planetary Christ sustains this moment requested by the Divine Lord Jesus, offering new opportunities, and reducing the number of bestial creatures from the Abyss toward the surface. However, all of the pre-established programs foresee the Beast will be involved by Light of the Great Rabbi waiting her on earth.

At the time designated by the Superior Hierarchies, the Beast will meet the Superior Force for the Great Battle of Armageddon, before the Planet enters finally into transforming convulsions.

The terrestrial brothers at least imagine the truthfulness of Jesus' words that "No leaf falls from a tree without Will and Knowledge of God."

The Divine Planes in advance foresee the creatures' reaction, however, the Spiritual Guides and Masters try to aid their children intervening in their favor so that have new opportunities to choose new paths, rather than those that provoke falls in unfathomable abyss.

Blessed be Jesus!

Commander Septum Shenar - Vice of the Commander Ashtar - GESH - 06/02/12 – Psychophony - Three Palms Indigenous Village – Aracruz/ES – Brazil.

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