Accept me as I am: just your brother


Beloved daughters of My Father!

I am among you that need My Light to travel the dark stony path replete of traps at the "end of the planetary cycle."

Our brothers do not believe that, through you, I address to all. They still remain as judgers, not as humble ones.

I speak to those who believe in me!

The Planet is accelerated to reach new dimension, thus reducing your chances in this dimension of atonement.

My brothers, you should take advantage the time you still have to forgive the enemies that walk with you, to change attitudes and love the neighbor.

Do not have doubts of who I am!

I am you’re your brother Jesus!

I say good-bye, but I stay among you, beloved children of My Father.

Margarida: My Brother, we are speechless to say how we feel, but, we never doubted of Your Presence among us.

Jesus: I am very often here, because our brothers, even saying that believe in me, they reject my presence for judging themselves too little or too proud.

Accept me as I am: just Your Brother.

Margarida: I know that all of us here agree with you. I, myself have always strong and deep faith.

Jesus: The limited minds cannot understand that I know each one, much more deeply than can imagine. It does not matter where inhabits each being on Earth, I know and equally I love them; be the ones inhabiting the deepest Abysses, or the Celestial Homes connected to Earth.

Blessed be the Lord of the worlds.

Jesus, GESH – 04/27/12 – Psychophony – Vitória/ES – Brazil.

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