It will not be left stone upon another!


Beloved sisters, we send you peace!

The society in which you live, it is dysfunctional and bankrupt sinking its fragile their fragile moral and spiritual pillars.

An economic basis built upon greed, racial inequalities and corruption equally provokes larger instability among Countries, Nations and Governments.

Every society without God, sustained only by fragile human laws is bound to disappear.

Antagonistic groups face in the matter manifesting in the physical plane what has been happening in the immaterial planes, since was detonated and accelerated the events of the "Doomsday."

Without reason, humans destroy one another, because do not recognize themselves as brothers.

Life has lost its value and meaning compared to the immediate interests by guideless minds of drug dealers, traffickers, corrupt and greedy.

A legion of embodied exploiters connected to the inhabitants of abysmal regions tries to install the anarchy, lawlessness, lack of love, violence and war.

The "Project Earth" foresees the manifestation of chaos before the restoration of the planetary balance.

The Occult Evil Government thinks that after millennia acting at the back stages of underworlds, finally will subdue the Planet and institute their laws, antagonistic to the Universal Laws.

Deceived and seduced by the false power, they become fragile and expose themselves being magnetically attracted outside of the Earth, because, as the chaos expands, the "planetary transition" advances modifying the vibratory tonus of the Earth, until the current dimension penetrates the higher dimension.

So, it will not be left stone upon another! In the automatism of Divine Laws renounced by the leftists, they will be moved away from the Planet’s magnetic field to inferior dimensional spheres compatible to their vibrational field.

They will be pulled from Earth and thrown into worlds they have chosen.

The "wheat" must attest its real value of the Rightists of Christ until reaching the "regenerating peace."

Jesus said, "you remain there until pay the last cent"!

Despite the hard tests and fights, it is sure the victory for those who truly look for renewal with Jesus.

In your society, prisons no more have walls where prisoners "orchestrate" actions against the society and Government.

The hard-working honest creatures remain prisoners at home, hostage to fear. Parents ignore their children; children ignore their parents. Countrymen moves for cities and people of the city have nowhere to flee.

Corruption and villainy propagate among rulers. The society hostage to fear, unbeliever of human laws has not developed faith enough to the Divine Laws to face the chaos without revolt or committing suicide. Madness and suicide increase due to crimes and immoderate violence.

Without moral and spiritual strength to face the "end of times", the terrestrial society is dragged by fateful events, and so their souls remain suffering.

Brothers, go ahead, because it is about to come the dawn of the New Earth!

He, who has faith, he reaches the Regeneration Earth. Be you courageous and fearless ones, because you live the end of the "planetary transition."

Jesus blesses you, and we guide you toward the Regeneration.

Save the Light!

Commander Yuri

Medium: It is always a great joy to meet you. How shall we face the attacks against our "Abrigo Servos de Jesus?

Yuri: Our Father sent you the Savior Jesus whom you must anchor your hope and faith in the future.

Blessed be Jesus!

Commander Yuri, GESH – 03/10/12 – Vigil in Vila Velha/ES – Brazil.

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