Gentle mother, beloved homeland, Brazil!


Clairvoyance: I saw myself with astral body flying over Brazil. Explosions of light began in several parts of the Brazilian of territory, as if they were fireworks simultaneously lit from North to South; from East to West. When the explosions stopped, I have seen the Portals of Light that were opened to our trips. They were operated simultaneously spreading light and strength.

From the high, we could see them composing an illuminated cross throughout the country. It was a beautiful, exciting clairvoyance. At the same time, my eyes could see the cross full of light, from my mind, elapsed various scenes experienced in our trips.

Then, I have seen Ishmael together with other three Spiritual Leaders unknown to me. They seemed very serious talking about Brazil. I did not get permission to listen their conversation. Then, I received the following message:

Sisters, the journey of fights you have surrounded in this existence, it resulted in preparation of the ethereal-physical apparatus used for divulgating the message of Christ to humanity.

The lighthouse lit by Lord Jesus over the terrestrial psychosphere joined the Portals of Light placed around the Planet by "hard-working teams" that helped to activate them on the Brazilian territory.

Now, we are very happy, when the terrestrial beings more need, we continue with the Divine Plans and see activated the Portals of light into explosions of light.

From the high, the traveler can see that in the Earth of the Cross is the mark of brilliant cross carved in the body of the gentile homeland, beloved Brazil. It irradiates strong light, which does not reminding the torture or crucifixion Jesus, but the descent of the Master for loving his brothers, as well as His ascension involved with Light.

We hope the fire of that perennial love purifies the Brazilian astral plane postponing the final convulsions until comes true the Earth of the Cross into Heart of the World and Homeland of the Gospel. Heart of the world pressing for pure love, renouncement, charity and pardon in favor of the humanity.

Homeland that welcomes all peoples under the Great Law in a territory without physical borders or prejudice to settle down the evangelical ideals of fraternity, solidarity and respect, by accomplishing its destiny and irradiating hope in the world through the work and love.

A strong energy from the activated generators circulates through the Portals of Light constituting the symbolic cross on Brazil. Its motive power is in the center of the "symbolic cross" formed by all open Portals, from which are emanated energies to burn the miasmas reducing a harmful load accumulated on the Brazilian Astral; resource that represents effort from Power of Good to restore the integral Superior Planning of trust and faith of Brazilian People.

It is the last help to ensure, besides the cleaning, extra time so that the spirits reincarnated recognize their mission as opportunity of readjustment before the Laws, and equally can represent their fall and exile to other worlds.

Ishmael, as Protecting Angel of Brazil comes guided by larger number of Evolved Spirits of the "first political degree" of this country and will try to elucidate their minds numbed by the matter.

Let us together elevate the thoughts to the High, so that the effort of dedication of that beloved Brother changes the route of the Brazilian People.

Save the Power of Love, Peace and Light!

May Jesus of pure love strength us in faith and hope to a happier future!

Shama Hare, GESH – 04/21/12 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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