You are Lambs of God, and Jesus, the Shepherd


Blessed is Jesus, as Sun illuminating us with His Love!

Brothers, you have been receiving countless tasks to carry out on behalf of Evolved Beings guiding you evolution.

As you know, you are called to work in Master Jesus' Vineyard, because in your past life, a lot you failed in constructing the Good. Nobody comes to this Spiritist House only for redeeming work; yes, by own merit; although has already acquired merit to meet the Consoler.

Committed with the knowledge that starts to acquire, he/she also needs to use his/her energies, in favor of common good.

You received, therefore, tasks designated to this Group and you are accomplishing the established programming for the Spiritual Leaders from plane superior this you live.

It is with great joy, we are here state that your work granted us the grace of the spiritual ascension manifested to the components of the "Grupo Espiritual Servos de Jesus" as gift brought by a medicine far above your understanding.

All that are here offering their voluntary work, as Group, they will receive medicine, as increment of mercy, and symbol of spiritual ascension to every Group.

You are Lambs of God, and your Shepherd is the Master of the Masters that illuminates the humanity with Merciful Light of His Love, offering to everyone an opportunity of liberation at this time of so much suffering.

Brothers, you ought to have faith elevating the thought to God in gratitude, and make an effort to offer your hands to the needy ones.

Today and after life, you should help the neighbor as He was you. You already understood the practice of charity planted the seed of responsibility, and the only path of salvation is Christian charity.

Open the hands to the fallen ones raising with them the thought to God begging for help that will arrive to everyone lowly before the magnitude of the Divine Laws.

There is no need of any procedure on the physical plane, on your part. Today, we gave medicine to everyone present here, and others will receive too.

We give thanks to God who sent His Son to comfort us in His arms.

Blessed is Jesus!

Bezerra of Menezes, GESH - 05/05/12 - Festival of Wesak – Vitoria/ES - Brazil

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