Power without work is pure vanity


Dear Brothers,

To look for power, as expression of vanity human, deprived of love to others often leads the person to steep cliffs, or the risk of falling in the Abyss.

Power without work is pure vanity. Wherever vanity reigns, the spirit perishes.

The sister in needy of service for redemption of commitments, she looked for mediumistic faculty to access a new life.

She incarnated in a family committed with the spiritualistic labor with responsibility of giving her support for the task, at the expected time.

However, obstinate for power, she refutes the appropriate fulfillment of the mediumistic service in that House of Charity.

That House of Charity neither drives nor assists the sick spirits, because both tasks require the same dedication, which is incompatible simultaneous assistance.

From her mistaken choice elapses the imbalance making easier the approach of adversaries of Light, dark spirits waiting any opportunity to mine the serious work still fulfilled on earth.

We cannot interfere in choices that represent ascendant steps for your spirits.

We just take the occasion to remind them the precious lesson of humility of Master Jesus who had not karmic residue to purge, he carried the cross of his martyrdom and let to immolate so that you understood to be living in a Planet of Atonements and Trials, from which would only leave after had paid the last cent.

Through the examination of conscience, you can recover the memory to fulfill God’s Laws, hoping the undertaken effort undo in definitive the ties that identify you as lawless, backward spirits.

May the Peace involve you for the renewal with the labor of Jesus!

Yours faithfully Master,

Ramatis, GESH – 07/27/12 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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