It is a great joy to know that our will gave fruits


Friends and Sister Margarida, when we seek common good with love in the heart, we create an illuminated connection with our spiritual mentors.

At several moments, the sister has been in the astral of "Abrigo Servos de Jesus", so that together, we formed a work team where we could effectively alleviate the suffering brothers murdered barbarously by order of negative beings and "hordes of vampires" that answered for various regions of drug traffic.

Thus sister, you faced not only nocturne fights and rescue. We also strengthened us with energies of the Sublime Lord Jesus and Master Ramatis to put into practice the lessons so long idealized. Now, it is time to build our new Indoctrination School.

What this differs from other already existent schools of the "Colonia Espiritual Servos de Jesus"? This only seeks indoctrination for young people murdered by the drug traffic.

There will be new team of Psychologists experts at studying, following up and assistance of adolescents and children murdered by the drug traffic. We will also count with teachers prepared to teach the Gospel with firmness and discipline.

As the work will be with minds destroyed by the evil, at first, we will not count with support of embodied brothers, although, if they wish, we will let them know about a long training long, expecting the candidates redouble their mental care, for not surrender to suffering, before the scenes they will see.

I mean, they may see beings totally annihilated physic and mentally, and our proposal is just accelerate this work, so that teams responsible for planning and organization of brothers going to exile get more time for their tasks. Sister Margarida, it is a great joy to know that our will gave fruits, and with Master Shama Hare and Ramatis's consent to see it practiced.

Save the Light!

Hercílio Mães, GESH – 08/25/12 - Vigil in Vila Velha/ES – Brazil.

Medium: This message came soon after Margarida had expressed her will in creating in the astral field of ASJ, an Indoctrination School to help the several spirits of young people murdered by the drug traffic directed to ASJ.

So, we will have more time for a deeper doctrine balancing psychologically these young ones.

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