Courageous warriors accompany your Group


Clairvoyance: We were still at the airport in Vitoria/ES, when I saw various Indians on horsebacks surrounding the airplane and throwing arrows. On that moment, several deformed animals fell down around the airplane. I also saw Master Shama Hare involving the airplane into light.

When we arrived at our destination, the following message came:

Save our sister, Cacique Margarida!

Save daughters and children of Tupian!

On behalf of Jesus and Tupian, the Indigenous Nation thanks for the brighter Light in the sky, however it is dark now. They are emanations of ancestral hate present on earth until the leftists are exiled forever.

Courageous warriors accompany your "Group".

Taking advantage of the energy spilled in its purer state, we ask our Spiritual Guardians and Indigenous Leaders to guide us peacefully among brothers.

We know that full peacetime is not possible, but short periods for us to proceed until the end of karmic encounters to quit debts with our white and Indian brothers.

Kiss in the hearts of all of you.

Indigenous greetings to the warriors of the "Cruise Order."

Vilas Boas, Orlando - GESH - 09/06/12 - Peixoto of Azevedo/ MT – Brazil.

Note¹: The Cruise was shining above the dark sky.

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