May God save us!


Brothers, when we told you about the cleaning in the abysmal and inferior astral with consequent worsening of "negative beings' presence" on earth surface, we prepared your minds for the hard reality you live now.

If on one hand, avarice and immoderate greed usurp of the public safes, on the other hand, the primary instincts deprived of moral values look for a healthy atmosphere to allow them the initial treatment of their negative tendencies.

There is no human action, which results do not reflect on the collectivity.

Afraid for the strong light penetrating in the dark astral underground, in droves, the perverse detractors of divine laws advance on the surface, seeking whom shelters them the violent instincts, allowing them to spill all hateful load as expression of love and divine beauty.

They act against God revealing their rebelliousness and confront the Creator in blasphemy screams cutting the air with their negative vibrational field.

When they serve the "Draconian ones", they destabilize threatening and attacking the earthly people.

It is an "organized retaliation" in response to the earthly cleaning promoted by the Forces of Light.

You could think if was not worse to expel them from inside the Earth, where their vileness would not interfere on earthly people.

And we would say: those who give shelter to the bad instincts are like them and would share the "inferior astral" after death.

When we allow them reach the earth surface, we just accelerate the proofs, so that human beings could choose among take the right path or give flow to the instincts, weaknesses and tendencies linked to the evil.

Selection and separation result from the work we perform now; and the worst the planet conditions seem, more serious become with growing disorganization of "Institutions" about to collapse under the weight of attitudes and dislike to the neighbor.

Once destroyed these Institutions that characterize the lifestyle you chose, the savagery lived formerly and recorded in your minds lead you to the terrible "eye for eye, tooth for tooth" when the strongest exploiting the weakest ones.

My brother, on that hour, pain and screeching of teeth may reach the incomprehensible and unacceptable limits impelling the suffering imposed by the Karmic Law to redeem the indebted souls or reinforce them the still primitive character as new restart in another "Planetary School."

In the simplicity of Master Jesus' lessons we leave His words of love:

"Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth."

Jesus is with us, and who follow Him, despite their own difficulties; will attain victory over themselves.

May God help us!

John the Baptist, GESH – 07/28/12 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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