They await Jesus returning


Be in Peace beloved daughters!

Your astral bodies work in the accelerated rhythm the moment demands.

You are in the Abysmal regions, closer to the Beast. As you advance in its territory, the Beast walks to your direction, because its position gradually modifies while reaching less dense areas. Until the encounter of the Beast with Christ's Army and the Final Battle of Armageddon occurs before the alignment of the Planetary Axis, the incredulous humanity sees itself weakened in full atomic century: overcrowding cities, social injustices, immoderate violence, without financial resources, rationing of water, provisions and energy.

Intellectuals could not imagine them reaching the "new millennium" in such moral poverty.

Hungry, nude people and prisoners multiply amidst of empty Schools.

There are excessive resources to destroy the Nature, while lack resources for the population basic needs.

The current scenario reinforces the "Doomsday" for the humanity still with eyes and ears covered.

They wait Jesus returning, but did not get ready for the great encounter.

May Jesus bless you!

Ramatis, GESH – 10/26/12 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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