God bless you all!


In the space spread the incessant works of Ishmael’s team (Brazil’s spiritual guide) under Lord Jesus' government seeking the liberation of the earthly people.

The Earth of the Cruise as Homeland of the Gospel and Heart of the World will house in its territory, most the seeds of the New Age. Seeds of still incarnate creatures removed during the Great Evacuation that here will render the last works at this Earth of Atonement and Trials.

And you are part of the Great Plan for this humanity's redemption. Every creature on Earth that gets to build the Realm of God in his heart, he participates actively in "constructing the New Land."

Beloved daughters, since long ago, we wished you in this Christ's Army heading for your spiritual renewal for the Banquet in the Kingdom of Light.

Margarida, your last actions on Earth must be of tenderness and alert to your disciples stay united around the work with Jesus.

We hope despite the daily troubles and attacks by the Power of Evil against the work fulfilled in this House of Charity created by you, your disciples remain struggling for own spiritual redemption and maintenance of the Enlightened GESJ: publishing the messages received by the local mediums for long years.

Here is Master Ramatis saying to you, beloved daughters: "we are with you today and always in the turmoil at the end of the Planetary Transition."

Margarida: Thanks to God, we can count on you beloved Master who never abandon his disciples.

I myself and my companions, mainly the present ones that already have larger knowledge on the subject are thankful to you Master.

Ramatis: Unhappily many of those brothers we gathered in the spiritual plane before the current incarnation committed with tasks of "divulging" the Spiritist Doctrine, extra-intraterrestrial brothers, they abandoned the tasks due to their spiritual moral weaknesses.

Margarida: We always remember if they were with us, they would have collaborated much more in divulging the work.

Ramatis: We still follow them on their path seeking to induce them to retake the abandoned path, but unfortunately many of them are going to restart in worlds of Atonement and Trials like Planet Earth with larger sacrifices and renouncement, pains and sufferings distant of the Renewed Earth.

Margarida: Brother, many of them were unprepared for the task, but without any reason, they abandoned everything. By chance, could they return to GESJ after my passage to the Spiritual World GESJ?

Ramatis: Probably not, because without your presence, they would not have the support necessary and would feel strange in the Group without you.

Margarida: Even so I will prepare a list of people that worked in GESJ that could retake their mediumistic tasks.

Ramatis: Leave them open door, because has always a resource we could use for them retaking the path of progress, since they fulfill the preset tasks. However, the systematic abandonment, without fulfilling the mediumistic service, even in other serious Spiritualistic Groups in favor of human collectivities, they would not reach more the programmed objective.

Probably, they abandoned the spiritual service for to stagnate in their obtuse daily lives or in a supplied material life, or for envy, pride, rebelliousness and jealousy. Then, in these cases, there would have a vibratory fall impeding them of moving forward.

Margarida: I love them and I would like them to return. It would be also happy if they were in some other serious Group accomplishing their spiritual tasks on Earth, not exiled to another Planet of Atonement and Trials.

Ramatis: It did not happen. Right now, they would not look for strange House.

Margarida: We just can ask to Jesus protect them.

Ramatis: Large effort will be made for those that will continue the work you created. Quarrels, fights and violence may increase systematically in human collectivities, despite the Hosts of Light efforts to impede in the Brazilian Lands, the vile crimes and revenges; bloodshed richly feeding the "beasts."

Natural catastrophes may intensify in Brazil due to rebellion of its inhabitants! Only fire, water, wind and earthquakes will be able to reduce the bloodshed on the Earth of the Cruise.

Have faith, loved daughters!

We remain with you at all times.

Union and work, is what we wish.

Margarida: Knelt down, we ask to you blessing us at any time of our existence.

Ramatis: May God bless all you so that we meet in the "High Plane" where only harmony and peace reigns!

I bless you.

Save Jesus! Save the Light.

Master Ramatis, GESH – 09/23/12 - Porto Seguro/BA – Brazil.

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