Your trips render concrete the Divine Plans


Peace on all the planetary sides and your hearts too!


We have listened to you.

Our radars captured the prayers full of mental vibrations that crossed the space. We will use these precious signs during the planetary evacuation.

This Planet Earth, which discovery and planning you already know, it is for us the best landing station, because among simple people of this Land of the Cruise, we find the necessary resources for our rescue task, without hurting your physical bodies.

Your trips rendered concrete the Divine Plans for anchorage of high energies in the Portals assuring free access for the Rescue Parties at this dimension.

That is the last Portal activated for anchorage of superior energies that formerly sent here energies that originated and sustained the formation of the Brazilian people.

Question: Brother, did not work the other trip for this place?

Ashtar Sheran: Every moment is favorable to work. The second trip sought to expand the previous work.

The open Portals existent throughout the Brazilian territory, they allow us to cross all the dimensions helping the humans that deserve it. Moreover, they represent places through where is possible to inject extra loads of cosmic energies to the Planet.

Beneath these waters is the Portal of Light that at appropriate moment will emerge with brilliant rays the roads connected to heart of the Earth, by its turn lighting up other secondary roads.

To the workers that acted in that task with us, we are thankful for will, courage and determination in serving.

We leave you in peace!

Commander Ashtar Sheran,

GESH – 09/23/12 - Santa Cruz of Cabrália - Porto Seguro/BA – Brazil.

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