There was already so much bloodshed


It is projected on Earth, the energy of the Masters of the Great Universal White Fraternity that visit their pupils so that these, feeling the force of that who represents the command of the spiritual family of each grouping, they become strengthened in the guidelines of changing and of working.

You will feel stronger our presence stronger in these days, and equally all the Groupings of the Planet linked to this or that Master. All workers devoted to practice Good must be devoted in trust and faith; once is through the daily redeeming work they can materialize on Earth, the transformations this humanity should have already faced that since long time.

Humans more and more must answer for own actions, because the incessant energy flowing from the high no longer gets to reach the hearts in the purity emitted, suffering deviations in the black mesh formed by unprepared careless minds.

Beloved daughters, you must be vigilant and calm until the day we are under fullness of energy spilled on Earth, so that you can capture the vibrations of all that work in benefit of this Planet Earth.

There was so much bloodshed unnecessarily, because those in the Command of Nations have strayed from the purpose of the training received even before incarnating. They should command the people that should be free from the painful reincarnation cycle faced until then. Those commands strayed from the objective; because of their desire for power and anguish in the heart that impelled them follow the Beast that refuse to abandon the abysmal regions.

In that period of larger intensity of energy coming from the High, the Army of Light shall store the additional energy poured on you while facing hard battles, as well as to intensify the work in the neighbor's benefit. Sisters, daughters, disciples, only through the anonymous disinterested charitable work, you reach the evolution wanted.

Work more and more firm and lucid for facing all the fights, with your clean mind linked to Jesus Christ.

Save the Power of Light! Save Lord Jesus' Love!

Master Ramatis = Kuthumi, GESH - 05/03/2003 – Vila Velha/ES – Brazil.

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