Distance does not erase memories and longings...


Clairvoyance: I see various small extraterrestrial spaceships over the Planet Earth. From them go downstairs Beings bringing embodied spirits. After that, the small spaceships enter in another big spaceship.

In a large living room are extraterrestrial beings waiting for embodied ones as if it was a family encounter.

Soon afterwards an Extraterrestrial speaks:

Sisters, save Christ's Light directing us to this blessed work in favor of the sufferers of the Earth.

The distance and steps the being faces until reaching the celestial spheres do not erase memories and longings as mental registers perpetuated for centuries, or millennia.

While facing a planet under "Planetary Transition", we meet embodied ones, our dear ones. Immediately we help them at time of suffering, doubts, affliction, and longings before the starry sky.

In a loving, understanding and very different behavior from their Commanders´ dictator personality, our Stellar Commanders are, at all levels, the leader to be looked for by a soldier who trusts in his superior, when entering in an army.

Thus, they allow us to stay closer to our embodied beings seeking to reduce the delay referred to the spiritual progress in which they are.

The terrestrial brothers are dear ones. When loneliness reaches them in moments of anguish, it is enough they look at the sky, make a sincere prayer, so that our presence make them reinvigorated, and don't give up the purpose of improving themselves, other brothers and the Planetary House receiving them.

It is right that pain and chaos worsen; but, it is also right the renewal of that indifferent, selfish one in other better, fraternal, and generous is in their hands.

Be strong, because the time separating us is only a lapse in the clock of life.

Peace to all of you!

Extraterrestrial Anandaluz - GESH – 11/30/12 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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