It happened at “Vila Indigena Tres Palmeiras”


Clairvoyance:-It was a weekday when I have seen the astral field of the "Villa Indigena Tres Palmeiras"¹. Children of different nationalities were directed to this place by Uncle Anthony and Aunt Irene's Team for having classes on indigenous culture: habits, lifestyle, and religion.

At the beginning, they showed hostility which some European children treated the children of the "Village", and prejudice with Brazilian children.

At the end, I think in a more advanced group in teachings, I could see children of several races sharing toys and joy.

They played, ran, and danced in harmony.

Then I received the message below:

Fraternal greetings to all indigenous people!

Over time, we have been receiving children from destroyed homes, others had no contact with nature to learn its importance in the development of life; some, without the smallest notion of respect or peaceful coexistence with others.

We developed a work in which we bring the little ones to visit the Indigenous Villages of the astral plane seeking rehabilitation, respect to the neighbor.

In these encounters, the students' groups had a satisfactory development, and started to understand us as brothers and friends. It won't be race, color, or religions to make them advance spiritually, but respect, pardon, love, and tolerance will approach them during their karmic proofs.

Today, our school has children from all over the world, and the encounters with indigenous children favors us, because some come to us with strong prejudice, pride, and even hate to the Indians and part of them incited by their relatives.

Gradually, with the lessons of the Gospel, love and patience, they abandon those feelings when meet the Indian, before so hated.

Thank you sisters, today is the celebration for all of us of Servants of Jesus School.

Aunt Irene Santos, GESH-12/15/12- Vila Indigena Tres Palmeiras – Aracruz/ES-Brazil.

Nota¹: "Vila Indigena Tres Palmeiras" - Guarani-Ethnic - Aracruz/ES

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