Perverse creatures are dominated...


Save Jesus! Save Master Ramatis!

Margarida, I achieve a lot of progress since I engaged in Servants of Jesus Spiritual City.

I achieved new knowledge and high technology of extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial brothers in our dimension through the fraternal exchange bringing harmony and progress for our souls.

Nowadays, we worry about the psychic impacts suffered by souls unprepared for the inevitable experience of expiatory final proofs.

With guilty conscience replete of past memories still in entangled compound, they do not take advantage of the current incarnation to clean the soul, in it implanting Jesus' liberating teachings that aids and adjusts the soul with the "High" to absorb superior energies for facing the hard proofs, without altering unhealthily the psyche.

Psychological Assistance Teams joined to Aid Parties seek to soften the suffering of the unbalanced crowd.

The perverse creatures are dominated and taken, fallen asleep or not, to prepare their souls to exile. However, ordinary people that didn't strengthen in Christ's true love, staying deceived by False Prophets, they become mental and psychically sick before the painful proofs.

They are good creatures, but without spiritual strength for facing the infernal jolt of "Doomsday". They become deeply disturbed and their frightened souls go to new exile. Teams of Psychotherapy aid them in awakening, however, up to now; few ones have achieved a minimum mental adjustment. The majority ignores the reality, because remain immersed in past memories, and lost in time space, once again, delaying their spiritual progress.

Intense activities involve us, and time runs swift, and when we realize, since long ago, we had not the salutary encounter with you.

As far as we know, sooner you will be here, then, of alive voice, we will remember the past and plan the future renewed and in peace.

Regards to all of you!

America P. Marques, GESH – 02/23/13 – Vigil in Pedra Azul/ES – Brazil.

Note: America P. Marques was psychologist, disciple of Master Ramatis. She founded a Spirit House in Rio de Janeiro later transferred to Brasília, where she died.

She was medium and wrote some books.

We thank you Jesus for having the presence of that faithful servant participating in the tasks of this humble Servants of Jesus Spiritual City.


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