We are Servants of Jesus' Vineyard


Brothers, Peace we bring wishing the words of good spirits, collaborators of Christ´s Vineyard stay in your hearts.

We know the news from "beyond grave" to humans on Earth do not speak of good moments, but reveal pain and suffering.

It is natural that overwhelming prognostics disturb many brothers of little faith.

No human being enjoys disasters and catastrophes unchaining affliction. However, the attentive spirit can see the messages lovingly addressed to you, they carry with them, in addition to sad revelations, so much explanation, orientation and comfort, which purpose is to keep your minds on healthy understanding about the troubles you are reaping or yet to reap.

You receive the bitter medicine, as appropriate treatment for the evil that consumes this humanity excessively attached to the matter.

Your minds fail in discerning which path to travel and accelerate the steps in the wrong direction. They surrender to the destructive practices of peace and happiness by distancing themselves from the commitments assumed in the Planes of Light.

However, the prayer addressed to Almighty and the sincere glance thrown around will reveal you that our words contain the appropriate load of truth and justice, kindness and love for each of you.

We serve the vineyard of Jesus devoting Him our effort, in the attempt of loving as He loved, forgive as He forgave, and live in eternity sowing peace and joy among brothers, as He taught us.

We came in peace; in peace, we leave wishing that from your minds stand out our words of encouragement, hope and faith.

Jesus is with us.

Andre Luis - GESH – 02/28/13 - GESJ II - Jacaraipe – Serra/ES – Brazil.

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