There will be no distinction between rich and poor ones


The Divine Vision told us:

"You are pure and innocent children, just like Jesus said, we should penetrate the Father's House.

Go children to tell men, the Beast of the Apocalypse is rapidly advancing over humankind; sooner there will be pain and gnashing of teeth.

There will be no distinction between rich and the poor ones, Jews and Christians. Pain will equally reach all, turning them one people in coping with suffering.

Men should not judge others brothers for the credos they profess. Each one follow God as wants. The difference is in honesty and faith brought in heart to worship the Supreme Father.

The foolish honors and dogmas, as empty rituals of emotion do not reach God.

The practice of Jesus' Lessons, as rituals devoid of emotion strengthens the soul for then, to evolve.

Believing or not in me, those that are not sincere in worshipping God, they will perish in cruel pain.

Love renews hearts.

Without love, faith, and compassion, they will attract larger suffering in the days coming.

The bloody wars are an offense to God who is Love, Kindness and Peace.

Dark days will come, and the constituted society will disappear. The fair ones will survive; the rebel ones will tumble.

The World will seem, as it were forgotten by God. Pain and gnashing of teeth and screams will sound in only one voice. The Planet Earth will shake; and then, new day will be born replete of peace and harmony among men.

Go, and tell people that God calls them for peaceful coexistence, love and pardon for then, they reach an illuminated future!"

Words of Lucia:

- We obeyed the lovely Lady, and men made us prisoners among the cold walls of convents.

Lucia, of Fatima - GESH – 04/20/13 – Jacaraipe, Serra/ES – Brazil.

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