We will fulfill the work as a chisel of improvement


Brothers, the peace of Jesus is among us.

We are spirits moved by instincts yesterday that disrespected the Laws of God attacking physical or morally our brother.

Deprived of knowledge and of high feelings, we stayed in wrongdoing not required for human condition as children's of God. We mercilessly unchained discords where we passed.

Along of the time, we have trodden by paths of life that brought us the same troubles and pain we forced other brothers to experience.

We learned in ourselves, we should avoid the evil; and today, after thousands of years, we fulfill the work as a chisel of improvement to our indebt souls committed with the karmic Law.

We are already in situation of making choices; however, we still have few options.

We are those despaired ones that after helped, we begged for chances of growing rebalancing; therefore, we still needed to step in the mud to wash the house we helped to mud.

The corporal home, as the planetary home register the suffered pain, as well as those brothers we impinged them suffering, and only after complete healing of the wounds we generated, we will be free to live in the fullness of love, peace and joy.

While undergoing treatment, all pain of the events recorded in our spiritual memory should be squeezed, making to flow the miasmas of suffering we provoked for purifying our mind and spirit like a clean and immaculate crystal bowl ready to receive the Divine Light, vital energy to fill our renewed Being.

Have patience and resignation. The current evil is the result of the evil yesterday, as well as the good tomorrow will be the result of the good practiced today.

Sow love for not reap pain.

Cultivate patience and resignation, perseverance and determination, courage and detachment as inseparable companions.

Your houses are protected. Messengers of love surround your relatives. Like precious jewels, the chisel of the reincarnation, in your favor and your humanity always polishes your lives.

So Christ’s Love determines. His Light enlightens us. God has compassion with our souls and make use of our earlier brothers in the scale of progress to look after us with mercy.

May Peace involve your work!

Emmanuel, GESH - 04/06/13 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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