Renew your thoughts, words and attitudes


The Spirit life inhabits the brain.

Every load of vital fluids penetrates the matter anchored in the physical brain.

Once coupled the physical and astral brain, the mind is constituted.

Through the double of this organ in the extra physical is maintained the direct contact of the astral plane with the each incarnate.

The electrical pulses applied through the magnetic pass in the mind, it stimulates the cerebral operation waking recent or past memories, as the need or permission for a being's development.

It means everything you lived since the immemorial times of your primary condition; it is remains in your human mind.

Thence the possibility of contact and communication you have with everything in this Planet be one replete of life or not.

Q: But sister, the stones, water, air and fire have not life?

A: You understand Life, as if it were out of reality.

Everything that brings the Creator's mark is alive. His Presence is there, as true definition for life.

When circulates free the "divine energy" that animates all things, you can feel Him, however, without define Him.

It is because, now, the developed side of your minds cannot yet reach the understanding of God.

The situation for those who seek Him, they are just passing signs of the long road you need to tread until know Him.

First, you must clean up your "mental house" and then inhabiting it with the Great Presence of the Creator.

To clean up the mind, it is what you know as redeeming work, because all effort undertaken for annulling in the mind a negative memory of past mistakes, means cleaning and preparation for registration of a positive memory.

The work of spiritual attendance is just the beginning of the readjustment process with the Laws governing the Universe.

Through the nerves extended to the entire body irradiated until the end of the superior and inferior limbs, the generated pulses are transmitted or received by the mind, being configured the force that moves the person.

There are no complications in distributing the vital fluids, since, the own being does not block the irrigation channels with negativities produced by mental activities.

When begin the process of cleaning the mind or spiritual redemption, the candidate to the angelic ascension must bear in mind, he is in deep transformation of his psychic mechanisms, and devote to his free will, in the sense of choosing the best steps to fulfill his purposes.

He does not remember of his preterit actions, although his karma indicates him through insights the main points to balance in the soul and direction to walk.

Every action of the spirit that sincerely seeks to evolve, it should renew in systematic and growing way, the mental mechanisms.

The painful situations stored in the mind, in the brain matrix, whether pain imposed the other beings or to you, they cause that mixture of fluid channels that provoke physic or mental diseases, in agreement to that which has been origin.

The dense entangled of fluidic impede the free flow of energy that comes to you poured periodically by divine mercy in your psychosphere.

The practice of self-pardon and humility can help you as additional therapy to the assistance work you fulfill.

You should apply to yourself the advices addressed to lacking people in the indoctrination work, observing if you are more understanding with yourself than with others.

Now, all living beings receive vital fluids that reach everyone on the Planet, taking them the loads of energies they need to progress, according to the universal system of irrigation of the Worlds.

What are you doing with the gift you receive?

The planetary transition periods open the doors of the renewal extending the possibilities to change and multiply the opportunities of inner renewal through the irrigation of the channels, for God's sake.

Sip with gratitude and apply the vitalizing fluids in good actions, in spontaneous and benevolent assistance to the patients of sick body and soul, and according to the Law of Progress, your renewed minds will lead you to new existence.

Every Light force concentrates in the human mind; group formed by the material brain and its astral counterpart, and therein is the beginning and end of all things.

Accept God´s Will renewed into thoughts, words and attitudes that translate His Presence of Love among men.

Joanna of Angelis, GESH - 05/04/13 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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