We recommend serenity, fraternity and work on behalf of Jesus


Blessed is the Father of the Universe.

Blessed is Lord Jesus!

Brothers, concerned, we observe the events at this end of planetary cycle; and once again, as in the past, the ignorant man refusing the Divine Guidelines, he judges himself owner of the World, Lord of the humanity's destiny.

They again play with forces and energies they cannot yet dominate and understand.

Since the deflagration of the nuclear bomb that devastated lives and cities, the "Powerful ones of the Earth" did not attain the knowledge of the devastating power of the bomb in the two planes of life; and yet, do not have the slightest idea that powerful energy causes to the Planet.

Dictators and Rulers of powerful warlike Nations with minds linked to the "power" believe able to manipulate lives, ideas, and accumulate goods and benefits. However, they forget that after-life, in a lapse of time, their high positions fails and throw away all plans, titles and honor.

Then, the soul will be in the spiritual world, begging, starving, banished by his/her "lords", former tormentors that perpetrated the fall of the unhappy ones making them slaves.

In the physical plane, the image of greatness, the military strength of Nations that sustained their safes through the bloodshed joins to the "Beast's command "that as last measure throws hand of their high commands offering their armies with power on earth and darkness to dominate the Earth; and not getting it, to destroy it.

They think themselves powerful beings, although ignoring the Divine Laws. They believe that throwing destructive bombs, they will assure their spiritual integrity. They do not themselves as liquefied spirits loaded in buckets. In wounds and exiled they may restart in distant sterile Planets.

God, Christ and Jesus do not want this way, my brothers. There is no determinism, but creatures that deceived with material acquisitions, concerned with the perfection of the body, looking for high intellect and technology, they do not see the subtle plot involving them; and when see them close to a nuclear disaster, they will implore God that everything can see to save them from death.

They do not even realize the help near to them. They are Intra-extraterrestrial Beings and Earth´s Scientists united and dedicated, under the Great Universal White Fraternity for impeding men in anticipating the events. Moreover, it is not possible, because all Friends of the Stars and intraterrestrial ones are ready to act whenever is necessary.

To you, we recommend serenity, fraternity and work on behalf of Christ.

Be you on the Peace of God!

Paulo Nagai, GESH – 04/12/13 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

Note: Paulo Nagai was a Japanese Scientist who resisted for some time after the explosion of the "atomic bomb in Nagasaki" its homeland. He wrote "The Bells of Nagasaki.

Read our book "The bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: devastation in the Astral Plane".

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