Inertia atrophies the Spirit. Hate corrodes the Heart


Clairvoyance: I can see groups of girls, boys and children occupying a large auditorium.

They all were in uniform. The boys dressed pants and clear blue shirt; and the girls, skirts and white blouses embroidered with a Triangle in the pockets.

In an organized line, the teachers quietly led them to occupy the auditorium.

I asked mentally, who were those young ones. The Instructor told me, they had been rescued after violent deaths by the drug dealers; and after the doctrine led to "Cidade Espiritual Servos of Jesus" for treatment.

Sister Sheila, as one of the "Coordinators of the Rescue Work of Rescue and Recovery", told them some words.

Here is a part of her speech:


Welcome brothers in the name of the Light.

For the suffering ones, pardon is the medicine.

For those that have paralyzed, amputated or immobilized limbs, the physiotherapy as work, and busy mind as suitable treatment, because the inertia atrophies the spirit and hate corrodes the heart.

They all are bathed in the Sublime Light of the Beloved Doctor of the Doctors. When the treatment ends, the recovered patients retake their life of progress.

At all time, they confront with choices and situations that guided their lives, taking them to tragic ways that culminated with the end of their physical existences.

After the treatment, they will not be abandoned, but still in the room of Light, they will have the free will to drive them the life. Therefore, people have to make their choices between tares or wheat, darkness or light. They will have their weaknesses confronted.

They could understand during the treatment and doctrine, they are not prisoners, nothing is imposed or obligatory, but know about the guidelines, discipline and rules of conduct followed by the Christian House. They must always bear in mind the lessons learned "On earth as in Heaven" wherever they are.

The spiritual city Servants of Jesus has always open doors for those wishing to come or leave, because they already know about the reality around them.

We invited them to be with us helping, assisting and explaining the ones that, like you in the past begged for help and shelter.

May they all be in Peace in our hearts!

May Jesus bless them!

Sister Sheila, GESH – 05/18/13 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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