Brothers, you live at wartime


Brothers in Christ,

The Earth of the Cruise, as in its birth continues surrounded by Divine Hosts to fulfill its duty of becoming the cradle of new civilization that may incarnate here.

Brazilian People, you do not worry with the turmoil in the national scenery; others will come until the end of the regenerating path of Atonements and Trials.

To be embodied in the Earth of the Cruise does not assure the person to be an angel, nor to become in peaceful and pure soul.

Amid the disorder are the same usurpers that for centuries invaded, exploited and reviled the beloved Earth Brazil.

Today, no more, they have the ignorant Indian's image; but with civilized habits and urban vocabulary in the heart, and still cultivate hate, revolt and revenge inciting them to undermine the little civility little conquered.

Brothers, you live at wartime, which is also present in the visible and invisible planes, however, even with disturbances, hate and dissatisfactions going beyond screaming through the streets, the most painful is the suffering of those hidden from the human eyes begging for help, pardon and justice.

You are somehow "privileged" for having a physical body, but do not despise the current opportunity to impel the moral progress of your souls.

If you act this way, the soil where you step now, it will be the "fair and fraternal Earth" that everyone waits in the future."

Go ahead Brazilian People! Let us struggle for the Nation of the Cruise that blunts as the Regenerating Land and hereafter may shelter those that under Christ's Flag, they struggle for Peace, Love and Fraternity.

Marshal Deodoro Fonseca - GESH – 06/28/13 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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