Unrest, catastrophes and mobs


We struggle for the peace always wished.

Brothers, short time lacks until the "global catastrophes" and alignment of the planetary axis. It will bring transformation for the Planet never seen by humanity that for centuries is born and reborn in its fields.

Unrest, catastrophes and mobs are part of the programmed path for the "Times Arrived in all planets of Atonements and Trials."

If in this planet as in others the still backward spirits incarnate, we cannot imagine humans, in the search of karmic redemption would be totally spiritualized and aware of living in the fullness of Christ's Moral Laws.

The "End of Times" is exactly the period you live, with wheat and tares dispersed along the cycle, however, easily identified among people.

We, extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial beings are aware of decreasing number of "Rightists"; however, we neither decrease nor alter our dedication, effort and number of workers to fulfill the tasks with love. This consists of traveling in the Universe, where the seed of God was planted and needs of love to grow, develop and give fruits.

We are result of efforts of many beings today considered Angels and Archangels. In time of pain, weaknesses and rebelliousness, they extended the hands and lifted us, making possible our rescue, and later, our spiritual progress.

The message we bring to the world today is for not stop publishing our words, as well as, of other Beings sent by Planetary Christ as alert.

This brother is simply solidarity and love.

Be you on the Peace of the Planetary Christ.

Extraterrestrial Arthron, GESH – 06/21/13 – Vitoria/ES - Brazil

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